Intriors II
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				   FADE IN:
EXT. HOUSE - DAY Falling from an overcast sky. Leaves blowing towards a house. They are changing from green to orange to brown. It is sunny. Snow falls. Then rain. Flowers come and go. The house is two stories, white with a black roof. For a moment the wind subsides and the leaves fall at the front door. TITLE OVER: INTRIORS II The leaves rise and continue to change colors. We follow them.
EXT. SIDE OF THE HOUSE - CONTINUOUS A windowsill. A perspiring cistern water pump. Three cement stepping stones inlaid with pebble mosaic in the shape of birds.

♫ Spring Has Come ♫

EXT. BACKYARD The blowing leaves fall onto an oval patch of flattened grass in the backyard. As 'Inn theme' ends a man's voice blankets the scene.

♫ Inn Theme ♫

MAN (V.O.) Even if the doors are locked I'm not empty. There's a person inside. CUT TO:
INT. LIVING ROOM - MORNING The Man's voice belongs to Gordon, tall, white hair with pale blue eyes, well built and wearing all grey with bare feet. He sits arched over a low oval table scattered with tiny metal parts. His face wet with tears. GORDON/MARIA A scattered dream that's like a far off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream... He presses a puff of cotton onto an 18-note music box comb. The room darkens slowly to a grey dawn.
INT. UPSTAIRS BATHROOM - WINTER Closing in on a five year old boy. He sits with his knees on the toilet seat and elbows on the tank. The boy presses a puff of cotton onto his ear. A woman's voice passes through the room. JULIA (O.S.) (out of breath) Ivan... Ivan turns his head toward the bathroom window and squints his eyes. From downstairs Gordon speaks loudly.

♫ Dearly Beloved ♫

GORDON (O.S.) I was Gordon I should Cherish my love.
On a countertop at the farthest end of the room is a purple orchid in a white vase. Pale light opens on the flower. Specks of dust appear like pollen in the sun. A moth lands on the orchid. FADE TO: INT. GORDON'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS The door opens for us. At the foot of the bed is a storage container labeled 'Lulu'. A moth descends onto the lid from above. CUT TO:

♫ Lulu's Theme ♫

INT. LAUNDRY ROOM Baby Blue, a medium sized black, brown and white dog, asleep in a pile of fresh laundry. A mix of solid colors: blue, red, yellow, orange, grey and white. Gordon's hand reaches into the frame to pet Baby Blue. GORDON What do you do when you're lost? BABY BLUE . . . GORDON You stay still and someone will come and find you. You have that memorized? Gordon grabs at a piece of grey fabric poking out from beneath Baby Blue's body. He pulls out a knit cap. Baby Blue opens her eyes. One eye is all blue the other is brown with blue dots. CUT TO: INT. IVAN'S BEDROOM Gordon stands near an unpacked box. There are plastic parts organized on the carpeted floor.
MONTAGE Gordon's hands assembling the mess. Parts fitting together without resistance. His order of operation exact. Pan across his face. Shuts his eyes. END MONTAGE
GORDON'S P.O.V. A plastic cubby laying on its back. Gordon pulls a length of dark twine from his pocket. Kneels down. Stands the cubby upright. Threads the twine through two eyelets. Lifts the cubby to the wall at face height.

♫ Pathway of Purity ♫

BACK TO SCENE We can't find Gordon. An owl cut out is on the wall. FADE TO:
INT. LAUNDRY ROOM - FALL Ivan stands in front of a convex washing machine door looking at spinning, wet, red and yellow clothes. Gordon enters and kneels to Ivan's height. The green wall panels inside are now flecked with yellow and brown. GORDON You have accompanied me for a thousand years...
Gordon looks at Ivan then back to the clothes. GORDON Do you know what pipes are? IVAN ... GORDON Houses have pipes, they're, like, tubes and they're behind walls and under floors everywhere and--- IVAN ... GORDON It's okay. They just carry water to and from sinks and bathtubs and toilets and---SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK CLOSE IN on the cycle of clothing.

♫ Living Waterway ♫

INT. KITCHEN - DAY MONTAGE Gordon smashing dishes, mugs and other ceramic kitchenware. Gordon's face screaming. All we can hear is music. The scene is cut rhythmically to the bass hits of 'Distant Promise'. END MONTAGE Gordon stands bare foot surrounded by broken ceramic. Green dominates the walls and ceiling. GORDON (V.O.) This puts emphasis on the hero, enduring love and life and death.

♫ Distant Promise ♫

Ivan climbs into the washing machine with a load of wet laundry. His face looking out through the convex door. GORDON (O.S.) What goes through my mind when our town runs out of water supply. I hope and pray that it gets normal soon. Then I found solutions. Isolated closed water supply systems. Rooftop rainwater harvesting. Well water. Yet... the washer runs on municipal water. Usually the cycle is weighed down, one way or another, by a body of wet clothes. Ivan presses an open hand on the glass to flatten a few drops of water. Outside the laundry room window it begins to rain.

Taxi Ride w/ Kapp'n

INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT A flying tour of the house. IVAN'S BEDROOM JULIA (V.O.) I have lost touch with Gordon... I understand myself least of all. The last time I looked into your eyes it was like looking into the windows of an empty house. GORDON'S ROOM LULU (V.O.) It felt as though we were confined to the interior of a hotel with no exits, without even balconies... None of my carefully designed surroundings or daily routines could hasten the end and now... am I only remembered inside this box? Six months inside a hotel, with never a walk outside. Inside it was late summer, and the days were long. DINING ROOM MARIA (V.O.) A scattered dream that's like a far off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up... LIVING ROOM IVAN ...

♫ Julia ♫

INT. GORDON'S BEDROOM - DAWN Clammy, pale, exhausted Gordon lies shirtless in bed. His torso sticks out from under the down covers. His knit cap slipping off his head. GORDON I don't even know how long she's been gone. It's like I've woken up in bed and she's not here because she's gone to the bathroom or something--- INT. HALLWAY GORDON (O.S.) ---but somehow I just know she's never gonna come back to bed. Sleepy Ivan sits with his back against the wall. Hearing the sound of Gordon's voice his eyes widen. He stands and walks towards Gordon's bedroom. The ceiling is painted a gray-blue like the winter sky.
INT. GORDON'S BEDROOM Ivan enters and stands beside Gordon's bed. He watches the palm of Gordon's hand. GORDON If I could just reach over and touch her side of the bed I'd know that it was cold but I can't. I know I can't have her back but I don't want to wake up in the morning thinking she's still here. I'll lie here not knowing how long I've been alone. So how... how can I heal? How am I supposed to heal if I can't feel time?MOMENTO Ivan places his hand in the center of Gordon's, flattening a few drops of sweat. Gordon closes his eyes. His body turns grey like stone.

♫ You're Not Here ♫

INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY In the living room only a low, oval table remains. The walls are painted dark blue. Ivan enters with his eyes fixed beyond the sliding glass door on a white, brown, and black puff sleeping in the yard. Blankets of snow cover the ground. Ivan stands close to the glass with bare feet. The room darkens slowly to a grey dawn. EXT. BACKYARD Baby Blue curled up in the snow. Her face turned away from Ivan. Her eyes are wide open. Her torso sinks and rises slightly.

♫ Winter Theme ♫

JULIA (V.0.) My senses dim and this world grows dark.

♫ Inn Theme ♫

italics - "Red Mars" by Kim Stanely Robinson